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A Path Strewn With Flowers and Bones

Tulku Sherdor's ground-breaking 2009 memoir with candid reflections on topics of great interest to western dharma practitioners

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The Wisdom of Manjusri

Translated and introduced by Tulku Sherdor


Foreword by Venerable Khenpo Sonam Topgyal


The very first entry in the tantra section of the Buddhist canon translated into Tibetan, right before the Kalachakra root tantra, is the Jampal Tsenjod ('jam dpal ye shes sems dpa'i don dam pa'i mtshan yang dag par brjod pa) — Professing the Qualities of Manjusri.

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Guru Chants & Mantras

By Tulku Sherdor

with Krishna Das, Celine Mogielnicki, and Lesley Hand on vocals, John McDowell on strings, keyboards, and harmonium, Charlie Braun on guitars, Steve Gorn on bansari flutes, & Scot Moore on violin.

Fifteen tracks of chants drawn from different lineages and produced in different styles, including Chogling Tersar, Dudjom Tersar, Drukpa and Karma Kagyu, Dzogchen Pema Nyingtig and Longchen Nyingtig. One English and one Tibetan chant dedicated specifically to the swift rebirth of His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa.  24 page illustrated booklet included.



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Longchen Nyingtig Ngon Dro

by Kunchen Jigme Lingpa and the 1st Dodrupchen, Jigme Trinley Ozer

Translated and Edited by Tulku Sherdor

Volume 1 of the Series: Entering The Great Expanse

The long-awaited publication of this entirely new translation and arrangement of the complete ngon dro liturgy is finally available for pre-order!

Ring bound for ease of recitation, on durable, cover-stock paper for lasting daily use.

The beautiful words of our lineage masters are suitable for study and recitation whether or not you are practicing the ngon dro.


82 pages, Tibetan, phonetics, and English.



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Pearl Necklace

Hand-strung Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - Double Strands

Perfect Gift Item. Proceeds go to support Blazing Wisdom Institute.

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Wuji Gong DVD

Wuji Gong Practice DVD- Taught by Grandmaster Fu (about 45 minutes long)

This DVD shows Grandmaster Fu practicing ”Wuji Gong,” the Empty State Qigong form that is taught at all Level I seminars. It shows Grandmaster leading the practice of the three primary parts :
• The Self-Vibration forms to move and disrupt the old energy patterns.
• The Self-Regeneration forms to absorb and circulate fresh Qi.
• The Wuji form to create a new fresh pattern of magnetic energy and get the mind into the empty Zen Qigong state.

Wuji Gong is a very simple and easy to learn qigong exercise. To learn more about Emei Qigong, visit :

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Healing Sound CD

Chanted by Emei Qigong 13th Lineage Grandmaster Fu WeiZhong – 1 hour 16 minutes

Emei Sacred Healing Sounds harmonize the vibrations of your organs. Everyone, healthy and sick, can benefit from practicing them. Also, people who do not have time or space to practice Qigong because they are under too much pressure at work and in their daily lives will find this breathing and sound exercise accessible.

Grandmaster Fu's voice is crystal clear and the recording is studio quality. Learn more about the Emei Healing Sounds, visit our website:

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Mala Bracelets

18 beads of Bodhi-seeds mala bracelets, empowered by Emei Qigong 13th Lineage Grandmaster Fu WeiZhong.

Emei Qigong empowered objects, which have been infused with nearly 5,000 special symbols and mantras, emit positive qi and absorb and eliminate negative qi. They are powerful healing tools and can be used to dispel illness and exorcise evil; eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation and statis; circulate blood and energy; adjust fengshui; increase widom, and more.

Learn more about empowered objects, visit our website:

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Dzambhala Wealth Deity Plate

Printed metal gold-colored plate with photo image of Jowo Buddha statue on one side and tangka image of Orgyen Dzambhala wealth deity on obverse, with mantra and dedication prayer in Tibetan and Mandarin. 

Special limited production from Golog, Tibet created by Choje Tulku. 

Limited availability! 

All plates have been consecrated during Rimay Monlam in Tibet.  Proceeds go to support Blazing Wisdom Institute. 

83 by 53 mm, in protective clear plastic sleeve.  Perfect size to carry in wallet.

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A Book of Common Tibetan Buddhist Prayers 3rd Edition

Every year, Buddhist "great prayer festivals" are held in Bodh Gaya, in Tibet, and in other sacred spots around the world. A Book of Common Tibetan Buddhist Prayers is a compilation of English-language translations of the very highest quality of important aspiration prayers and sutras commonly recited during these festivals, and in daily practice in hundreds of monasteries and dharma centers throughout the world.

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Entering The Great Expanse

The Deep Meaning and Vast Benefits of Ngondro in the Longchen Nyingtig Tradition

242 pages, trade paperback

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Crumbs From a Parrot's Beak

A literary journal with more than 200 pithy essays, poems, praises, parables, puns, advisories, reminiscences, anecdotes and accounts of spiritual life

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