Guru Chants & Mantras in the Tibetan Tradition by Tulku Sherdor

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1. Buddha Mantra
2. Heart of Awakening
3. Tara Mantra
4. Lama Chenno
5. Seven Line Prayer
6. Vajra Guru Mantra
7. Vajra Verses
8,9,10. Three Prayers to the Guru
11. Compassion Mantra
12. Mantra Garland
13. Powa Prayers
14. Crazy Wisdom Love (with Krishna Das)
15. Swift Rebirth Prayer


The physical CD Includes a 24-page illustrated booklet translating and explaining all the chants.

Please share the blessings and the benefit, order 5, 10 or more copies as gifts for your family members, friends and colleagues.



Special thanks to Keli Lalita at Mantralogy Records, Krishna Das for offering advice and backup vocals, Nina Rao for her encouragement, John McDowell for tuning it all in, Steve Gorn for his ethereal flutes, and the other outstanding musicians who contributed.



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